There are 18 churches in the Southeastern Association. Feel free to browse through the Associational churches below. Please report any errors in church information to Teresa Thomas

Calvary Baptist Church

13855 Plank Rd.
Milan, MI 48160

Phone: 734-439-8705

Cornerstone Baptist Church

4000 Lewis Avenue,
Ida, MI 48140

Pastor: Mark McCaskill  Email

Phone: 734-269-6032

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CrossPointe Church

1675 Stewart Rd.,
Monroe, MI 48162

Pastor: Jay Anderson  Email

Phone: 734-457-1024

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Dundee Baptist Church

14040 S. Custer Rd.
Dundee, MI 48131

Pastor: Harold Raymond  Email

Phone: 734-529-2717

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Evergreen Acres Missionaary Baptist Church

4875 W. Dunbar Rd.
Monroe, MI 48161

Pastor: Jake Clawson

Phone: 734-242-2723

Faith Baptist Church

2266 E. Sandy Creek Rd.
Monroe, MI 48162

Phone: 734-639-1080

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Frenchtown Missionary Baptist Church

225 W. Hurd Rd.
Monroe, MI 48162

Pastor: B.J. McDaniel  Email

Phone: 734-243-9483

Grape Missionary Baptist Church

368 Ida Maybee Rd. Monroe, MI 48161

Pastor: Bobby Smith

Phone: 734-269-2800

Heritage Baptist Church

612 Strausburg Rd.
Monroe, MI 48161

Pastor: Bob Wood  Email

Phone: 734-242-5673

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Kentucky Park Missionary Baptist Church

6617 St. Vincent St.
Monroe, MI 48161

Pastor: Kenny Goins

Phone: 734-243-9425

Lakeside Missionary Baptist Church

8270 N. Dixie Hwy
Newport, MI 48166

Pastor: Larry Head

Phone: 734-586-0596

Liberty Missionary Baptist Church

2221 S. Custer Rd.
Monroe, MI 48161

Pastor: Interim Roger Cosby

Phone: 734-242-0446

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Monroe Missionary Baptist Church

14260 S. Dixie Hwy.
Monroe, MI 48161

Pastor: Roy Southerland  Email

Phone: 734-241-6860

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Petersburg Missionary Baptist Church

5009 Sylvania-Petersburg Road,
Petersburg, MI 49270

Pastor: Ernest Fultz

Phone: 734-279-2302

Rockwood Missionary Baptist Church

31260 Olmstead Rd.
Rockwood, MI 48173

Phone: 734-379-4280

True Gospel Missionary Baptist Church

3212 W. Dunbar Rd.
Monroe, MI 48161

Pastor: John Bullard

Phone: 734-241-4250

Union Street Missionary Baptist Church

1004 Union St.
Monroe, MI 48161

Pastor: Joe Bryant  Email

Phone: 734-241-5611

Southeastern Churches

The primary purpose of the Administrative Leadership Team is to deal with the administrative issues of the Association to ensure that it fulfills its mission. The Administrative Leadership Team is made up of Associational Ministerial Staff, Associational Officers, Ministry-Action Team Leaders, and two (2) individuals elected “At Large” for Stewardship and Personnel. Examples of what this Team deals with include managing and monitoring the income and expenses of the Association, personnel issues, enlistment of leadership, and other administrative responsibilities.

Mark McCaskill


Pastor of Cornerstone Baptist Church

Michael Marchese

Vice Moderator

Member of Faith Baptist Church

Stan Wyrabkiewicz


Member of Cornerstone Baptist Church

Teresa Thomas


Member of Monroe Missionary Baptist Church

Tim Iocoangeli

Acts 1:8 Team Leader

Associate Pastor of Monroe Missionary Baptist Church

Bob Wood

Pastor of Heritage Baptist Church

Harold Raymond

Pastor of Dundee Baptist Church